Customized Solutions

Not ready for IDEAS? We can still help.

Pono Health offers enterprise solutions and services for your healthcare data and management needs.

Customized Products & Services

Pono Health has enterprise data and healthcare products we can offer no matter the size of your company. If you’re looking for single services and solutions, we can show you how our offerings can save you time and money.

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Cloud Data Warehousing

Pono Health as enterprise data warehousing solutions that can help you sift, sort and delivery your data.

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Secure, compliant, and immediately available. Our cloud data warehousing was designed for healthcare. We can handle the ETL, DBA, and analyst functions to deliver your actionable reports enabling your company to succeed in a rapidly changing market.

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Securely Host Your EMR

Pono Health has experience you can  trust and delivers EMR hosting you expect.

Cloud EMR Services

Host your EMR, PM, and other medical software needs securely in the cloud. Pono Health provides the infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of building it out yourself. When you’re ready, you can upgrade to IDEAS immediately.

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