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IDEAS For Health Plans gives payers a platform to bring all their departmental data together into one system and utilize the rapidly expanding tools of IDEAS.

Health Plan Solutions

A unique and powerful strength of Pono Health, versus systems in existence today, is the ability to parse claims data into a database filtering out the noise of claims data, e.g., duplicate and readjusted claims or changing subscriber numbers, and organizing the data into easily queriable units. Pono Health is currently working with a nonprofit health insurer in the state of Hawaii to implement a health information exchange focused on the delivery of claims data. The data is securely combined from multiple feeds and can be retrieved and presented for further data analysis.

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Enterprise Data Solutions

An enterprise data warehouse solution that parses, cleans, and integrates all of your disparate data sources into a single solution ready to use out of the box.
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Analytics Engine

Ready to use drill down capable analytics solutions.  Ask questions and get immediate answers.  Expanabled and customizable to meet your needs.

Single Source Application

No more bouncing from system to system, IDEAS provides a single entry point for all your data needs.

Secure & Real-time

IDEAS provides the security you expect for healthcare data in a real-time accessible application.
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Cloud Solutions

Pono Health provides cloud solutions for your analytics and EMR needs.  No more building large IT departments and wasting precious resources.
Healthcare Network

Provider Integration

Let Pono Health provide all your healthcare data solutions so you can do what you do best, provide better healthcare.

IDEAS can complement or replace existing systems.

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