In The End Better Health Should be the Only Goal

IDEAS provides countless dashboards, widgets, and ways you can look at data.

IDEAS Population Health Management allows ACOs, Physician Associations, Care Coordinators, and Providers to see immediate care gaps and act on them.

Population Health Solution

With the shift in payer-provider relationships, healthcare organizations need an effective population health management program. Such a program requires a robust technology framework that meets the objectives of all stakeholders across the continuum of care. Pono Health provides that framework, enabling you to apply the strategies and interventions necessary to deliver healthcare in a manner more clinically effective, at less cost, and safer.


140810 icon analytics engine
Request custom ad hoc dashboards as needs arise.
Integrate information from multiple sources to get a complete patient picture.
No more contacting multiple departments, our data lake brings all your company’s data within reach.

See the patients that need care immediately.

This is just a sampling of the readily available dashboards.

  • BMI Stratification

  • ED Utilization

  • PCP Encounters

  • Cohort Comparison

  • Specialty Ranking

  • National Ranking

  • Predictive Measures

  • End of Life Care

  • NCQA Measures

  • AQA

  • NQF

  • Referral Comparison

  • Generics Utilization

  • Inpatient Admissions

  • Outpatient Analysis

  • Referral Utilization

  • Patient Satisfaction

  • Patient Utilization

These are just a few of the integrated dashboards and metrics that come with IDEAS.

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