Full-Service Analytics Built-In

IDEAS integrates the functionality of a full-service BI department within our web application. Replace at least one full-time equivalent immediately.

Traditional BI departments take days if not weeks to turn around answers, IDEAS provides answers immediately.

Analytics Now.

There’s analytics. And then there’s actionable analytics. Pono Health gives you latter. Right now. By combining clinical data, claims records, and care management data all on a single platform, we unlock unprecedented insights to population health care, quality and cost. No intermediary analysts. Just login to your dashboard, click, and drill down by practice or provider.

IDEAS comes with a fully integrated analytics grid built-in.
No matter where the data comes from IDEAS brings it together and makes it queriable.
No more contacting multiple departments, our data lake brings all your company’s data within reach.

Immediate Answers to Common Questions.

This is just a few common questions you can now answer immediately.

  • How many ED visits this year?

  • How long since last ED visit?

  • How long since last PCP visit?

  • How long since last care utilization?

  • How long after inpatient admission for outpatient visit?

  • How many patients have multiple comorbidities?

  • Who refers patients to hospital radiology most often?

  • How many patients need BC screening?

  • Who needs BP medication and had recent high BP?

  • Who’s patients go to the ED with limited PCP access?

We’re not saying you should replace your business intelligence department. We’re just saying you could.


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