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Providing healthcare solutions not just systems.

The IDEAS Solution along our suite of customized solutions and services helps your business succeed.

One Solution – All Needs

IDEAS leverages any and all healthcare data to become the only solution a company needs to deliver a complete picture.  There is no more need to use multiple systems.  Just use one and done. From our data lake to the single login web application IDEAS provides a unified experience giving your company a single source of truth for the answers everyone seeks.


Data Lake

Countless technology solutions. Countless vendors. And all too often, all within the same healthcare organization.

Connecting Disparate Data

Connected, parsed, cleaned and ultimately housed on one platform to provide you complete business intelligence.


There’s analytics. And then there’s actionable analytics. Pono Health gives you latter. Right Now.

Out Of The Box

By combining clinical data, claims records, and care management data all on a single platform, we unlock unprecedented insights to population health care, quality and cost.

Care Management

By combining all data sources care coordinators can access what they need, when they need it.

Focused Care

Pono Health puts the right information in your hands for better quality care.

Population Health

With the shift in payer-provider relationships, healthcare organizations need effective tools.

Deliver Quality Care

IDEAS Health provides the framework enabling you to apply the strategies and interventions necessary to deliver healthcare in a manner more clinically effective, at less cost, and safer.

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