IDEAS Platform

A single platform to integrate all your IT needs.

Through the IDEAS platform Pono Health provides the #1 integrated healthcare solution in the industry.

Integrated Solution.

Pono Health is focused on creating partnerships with health insurance companies, physicians and the community to provide a comprehensive, innovative, high-quality and affordable healthcare IT solution. Guided by the vision originally set out by a Community Health Consortium to further develop the delivery of healthcare services via high-technology platforms, Pono has made investments to develop robust, extendable infrastructures and intellectual property to enable the growth of learning and intelligence in healthcare communities.

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Population Management Measures
Dashboards provided and counting
Real-time Queryable Analytics Grids
Combinations of Answerable Questions & Counting

Healthcare Solutions

Pono Health provides a full service solution for your healthcare needs.

Pono Health has numerous solutions that fit your IT budget as well as your needs.

Healthcare Solutions

Through IDEAS, customized solutions, and professional services Pono Health provides a single source for all your healthcare needs. We work with clients to produce results to achieve the Triple Aim.

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Data Warehouse

Countless technology solutions. Countless vendors. And all too often, all within the same healthcare organization.

Connecting Disparate Data

Connected, parsed, cleaned and ultimately housed on one platform to provide you complete business intelligence.


There’s analytics. And then there’s actionable analytics. Pono Health gives you latter. Right Now.

Out Of The Box

By combining clinical data, claims records, and care management data all on a single platform, we unlock unprecedented insights to population health care, quality and cost.

Cost Management

By combining finance data sources with other information such as billing, claims, clinical, and costing...

Changing the Trend

Pono Health puts the right information in your hands.

Population Health

With the shift in payer-provider relationships, healthcare organizations need effective tools.

Deliver Quality Care

Pono Health provides the framework enabling you to apply the strategies and interventions necessary to deliver healthcare in a manner more clinically effective, at less cost, and safer.
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Outsource Your Entire IT Needs.

From BI to cloud hosting to managing your ACO, IDEAS Health can help.

Building a data support team and IT department is expensive let us help eliminate the cost.

Services That Fit

Hosting and maintaining healthcare technology solutions is no small order. HIPAA compliance. Security measures. Scalability. Uptime. The list goes on. Pono Health eliminates the hassle.  Getting the most from your IT investment and driving business growth depends on effective management of your enterprise information systems. Tight IT budgets, increased complexity and changing requirements make it difficult for healthcare organizations to ensure their applications are delivering maximum value.

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Cloud Hosting Solutions

Healthcare Network

Building Your ACO

140810 icon analytics engine

Outsourced BI

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